oBIX (Open Building Information Xchange) is a focused effort by industry leaders and associations working toward creating a standard XML and Web Services guideline to facilitate the exchange of information between intelligent buildings, enable enterprise application integration and bring forth true systems integration. Based on Standards widely used by the IT Industry, the oBIX guideline will improve operational effectiveness giving facility managers and building owners increased knowledge and control of their properties. Comprised of representatives from the entire spectrum of the buildings systems industry, oBIX includes professionals from the security, HVAC, building automation, open protocol and IT disciplines.


oBIX began its life in April of 2003 as the CABA XML/Web Services Guideline Committee. Since then oBIX has taken on a life of its own with an expanded mission and increased visibility and is currently a technical committee at the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). OASIS is a global, non-profit consortium that focuses on the development and adoption of e-business standards

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Building Systems working together for the Enterprise

The mission of the Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) committee is to develop a publicly available web services interface specification that can be used to obtain data in a simple and secure manner from HVAC, access control, utilities, and other building automation systems, and to provide data exchange between facility systems and enterprise applications. In addition, the committee will develop implementation guidelines, as needed, to facilitate the development of products that use the web service interface.